dimari: Innovative CRM Suite Allowing Seamless Integration Of Telco Processes

CIO Vendor The telecommunication market has been continually evolving in the past decade. The rapid development of mobile networks propelled this growth even further. Proving to be a lucrative sector, there has been a massive influx of midsized communication companies over the years. However, these businesses face complex issues to deliver value-added services while ensuring low operational costs. dimari, founded in 2002, is specialized in helping such midsized companies. The company’s software solution aims to enhance customer retention and increase customer share.

With the rapid development of mobile networks giving extra push to the market change, the market competition has been increasing further. Therefore, midsized telecommunication companies need to find a solution provider that assists them in increasing the productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction to create new promotional packages, for example mobile and flat rate offers. dimari’s innovative varioSuite meets these requirements.

dimari’s 17 Years of Market Experience
dimari has carved a niche in this domain with its intelligent and novel made-to-measure business solution - varioSuite. This comprehensive suite follows a modular approach that can easily integrate with the existing technical environment. Its open structure design allows an individual programming for any telecommunication company. This makes it a viable and economical solution for midsized companies. “It includes not only a clearly represented CRM but also a sales tool, ticketing system, billing solution, web components and so on. Telco companies receive a complete software package so that they can concentrate on their core business – customer acquisition,” informs Diethard Kumpf, Founder of dimari.

Although telcos can use the complete software solution, start-ups and small telecommunication companies can benefit from the modular model. “With a small investment, they only use a reduced CRM version first. As more customers are gained and the business expands, more software functionalities and modules can be activated,” explains Diethard. He
shares how the solution was designed and developed by dimari leveraging its 17 years of market presence.

A Comprehensive Solution
Delving deeper into the functioning of the solution, Diethard says, “varioSuite proffers a clear breakdown of customer data, allows a simple management of products and tariffs as well as invoice issuing. The comprehensive CRM suite comprises a host of modules of which varioCRM is the core module. It is used for customer management, sales, service and technical questions.” With varioMail, another module, telcos have the ability to efficiently organise mailings and campaigns, and process serial of invoices. varioSuite also facilitates its customer with the varioBill module that assures flexible billing of all products and tariffs as well as rating and provisioning. Network and technical components as well as hardware are managed with varioResource. “Any network structure is illustratable. In addition to the server and client components, web components allow to gain customers anywhere. Sales partners generate new customers, customers access their personal data online and new clients can shop online,” adds Diethard.

Dimari has carved a niche in this domain with its intelligent and novel made-to measure business solution - variosuite

The company has serviced a plethora of customers with its CRM suite. One such renowned telecommunications service provider is Netcom, located in Germany, whose product portfolio includes conventional telephony, mobile communication, internet and TV. Addressing up to 250,000 housing units in five rural districts, the company successfully implemented varioSuite and increased its revenue and market potential.

”Variosuite proffers a clear breakdown of customer data, allows a simple management of products and tariffs as well as invoice issuing”

While the European market is saturated, the India market is still developing. With its Indian subsidiary in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, dimari offers efficient software solutions for Indian midsized telecommunication companies and plans to expand its reach further in the market.