Sicap: Accurate Customer Insights with Automated Real-time Data Analsis for Telcos


Deepak Mahajan, Executive Director - India & APAC
The insatiable demand for mobile subscriptions and broadband connectivity is embedded in the very fabric of the telecommunications industry today and it acts as an incentive for the permeation of vendors into this market. However, telecom service providers are facing a plethora of challenges with the topmost being acquisition and retention of customers. Having multiple options, customers tend to switch to a different service provider much faster than they used to. Hence, identifying specific issues that compel customers to do so can prove to be an arduous task. Operators need to extract and leverage real-time data to take quick business decisions. They need to rapidly transition from the tight reign of traditional operations to automated business processes. Delivering robust solutions to over 80 mobile service providers, Sicap established in 1994, incorporates Machine Learning capabilities in its solutions to fulfil the service provider’s unique needs in the automation process thereby preventing customer attrition. “Our real-time data analytics and device management solutions give an accurate and instant insight into the subscriber base and improve customer onboarding and customer care processes,” informs Deepak Mahajan, Executive Director for India & APAC region at Sicap.

The ubiquity of smartphones is directly proportional to the subscriber’s demand for more bandwidth. The telecom space is witnessing a Voice over LTE and rich communication revolution. Reshaping the telecom landscape, Sicap with their seasoned professionals have carved a niche for themselves in the delivery of seamless and hasslefree device and service configuration experience space. A leading device management provider, Sicap Device Management Centre(DMC) provides over-the-air device configuration for each and every new hi-speed mobile device entering operator networks.
The feature-rich solution offers a comprehensive suite of benefits such as faster revenue uptake, improved customer experience, increased callcentre efficiency and up-to-date device base knowledge. “Sicap’s newly launched VoLTE Device Entitlement Server (DES) is one of the very few solutions in the market able to configure standard VoLTE, VoWiFi, ViLTE and RCS services for all mobile device operating systems in the world, including mobile devices with proprietary communication protocols,” reveals Deepak.

A one stop telecom solution provider, the company facilitates clients with a gamut of solutions such as TargetMe that leverages real-time data availed from a network, databases and devices to enable an operator to divide its customer base into small meaningful segments, the Multi-IMSI solution encompassed within the SIM Management platform to optimize roaming profitability, Enterprise Mobility Management providing centralized device configuration along with Equipment Identity Register and Safer that has been meticulously designed to ensure mobile security to protect subscribers, brands and revenues. Thrilled with their progress in this sector, Deepak adds, “Our solutions speed-up sales and activation of new services and devices, opens up new revenue sources at enterprise and IoT markets and increases profitability of the roaming service for MNOs and MVNOs.”

Our real-time data analytics and device management solutions give an accurate and instant insight into the subscriber base and improve customer onboarding and customer care processes

With such advanced technologies gaining momentum in the telecom domain, Sicap envisions ceaselessly striving to improve efficiency through Their Global R&D and Support Centre located in Kolkata and simultaneously aims to increase its footprint in the Indian and APAC market.