Sanctum Networks: Putting Customers in control of their Broadband and WiFi networks

In today’s increasingly connected world customers are being flooded with connectivity options but operators are struggling to meet the delivery and quality demands. This has forced them to look at solutions that will put customers in control of their choices and enable on-premise networks providers to largely focus on service innovation.

This requires service providers to achieve vastly improved visibility in real time of the customer networks. Sanctum Networks offers its unique services to solve this significant enterprise issue of visibility, programmability and convergence. The company provides its solutions across network access and edge by combining network visibility and service orchestration. Talking about the company’s unique positioning in the telecom technology solutions segment, Nazneen Shaikh, Founder and CEO, Sanctum Networks, says, “We recognised that the top pain points for Telcos and Enterprises were a like - CPE brick walls, network fragmentation and disparate or proprietary solutions. So it was evident that a simple solution based on an open architecture that joins the blocks of ‘see, know, act’ was needed. Hence, we got the motivation to develop ‘Jupiter’.”

Nazneen Shaikh, Founder & CEO

Jupiter offers an Integrated Internet management tool for Residential, Small and Home Offices. It offers unified management of all connected wired and wireless services. The company offers flexibility of providing the service on-premise or from remote location. The web based portal enables customers to take control of their networks and truly enable the ‘see, know, act utility’. The company’s sole focus is to enhance customer’s experience. Commenting on this, Nazneen says, “Our patented
data driven architecture allows dynamic policies to be administered on demand and create a programmable network that is tailored to meet customers’ quality of experience.”

Sanctum Networks provides solution to converge and orchestrate the myriad of network elements and services right from device to cloud. It is built on open standards and popular programming languages. Talking of the integration utility of the software, Nazneen mentions, “We promote the integration into open source as well as enterprises’ choice of vendors through our easy to use APIs. We also ensure long term support by being compliant with the industry's most recent standards.”

Our patented data driven architecture allows dynamic policies to be administered on demand and create a programmable network that

Nazneen has a unique proposition to make in the segment of telecom technology solutions. She says, “Telco’s or enterprises wishing to develop their product or business strategies using Jupiter can adopt it as an innovation platform of choice. They can rapidly develop and test, right from gathering extensive customer data insights to orchestrating cloud based service rollouts.” Sanctum Networks has not limited its innovative stride to its current development. Nazneen considers the dynamic extensibility of Jupiter with newer technologies of Blockchain and peer to peer content brokering as the cornerstone of creating a highly engaging customer digital experience partner.”

Talking of the future business prospects, Nazneen shares her vision of furthering ties with various standard bodies. She envisions being part of next generation pioneers to solve the providence of ‘Internet for All’and digital transformation across verticals.