Shilpin: Sculpting the BSS/OSS Transformational Foundation in India

CIO Vendor Telecom operators currently face peculiar obstacles impeding their OSS/BSS transformation. Operators carry the burden of their in-house legacy architecture consisting of a patchwork of niche systems that cannot support flexibility and the time to market that are the pre requisites of ICT in the present age. Responding to the immediate need of appropriate solutions, Pune headquartered Shilpin Consulting Pvt Ltd, has built a strong reputation in providing BSS and OSS Application services across the wide Telecom arena. Established as an IT software consulting company in 2007, Shilpin Consulting provides a range of services while investing continuous efforts to deliver efficient end-products by combining domain expertise and technically competent professionals. The company’ score strength lies in application services, business transformation and training with technologies that include LTE/4G, 3G and IPTV.

There has been a growth in the demand for customized OSS/BSS software with telecom operators subsequently shifting from a product centric model to a customer-centric model. Speculating these trends, Shilpin propounds BSS(Business support systems)and OSS (Operational support systems)applications across a wide range of domains comprising wired, wireless, MVNO, ISP, IPTV, DTH and FTTX. Having anOff shoring development centre with talent capabilities on Errison,Comptel, and BSS and OSS platforms, the company impacts a huge differentiation for cost effectiveness and standard solutions. While improving time-to-market, Shilpin helps clients to respond to dynamic business needs in the shortest span of time possible. By optimizing business processes, Shilpin’s offerings reduce the costs by deploying highly competent talent on projects leading to minimum delivery time and limited head count. With BSCS billing system,customers and business partners have the edge to choose service packages customized to their business needs. These packages include fresh
multi sided business models or virtual operators requiring Software-As-A Service billing.

While improving time-to-market, Shilpin helps clients to respond to dynamic business needs in the shortest span of time possible

Milestones that make Shilpin Stand Apart

The organization extends Order Management services in order to cater to various business processes. The open, work flow based architecture supports tailored, automated fulfilment processes without customization. This in turn assists the customers to design, build and deploy the business solutions in close alignment with their expectations. In the past,the company has provided end to end Mediation solution for a leading Telco operator in India to launch MNP services as per Telecom Regulatory policies,. Moreover, Shilpin, has recently bagged the contract for Comptel Provisioning IL from Ooredoo – Kuwait. Rahul Pawar, CEO of the company, is also working on API-VAS Solutions to be offered for Telecom Operators through Mobile Wallets and Mobile Apps.

Shilpin’s strategy towards expansion involves reaching Middle East and anticipated launch of products and services in India, Kuwait, and Doha. Diversifying in B2C sector with service offerings spanning healthcare, education, e-commerce, and ticket sale platform, Shilpinenv is ages it self ripening into an organization worth500 million USD in the years to come. With a belief to deliver premium quality services to the customers possessing flexible engagement/delivery models, Shilpin has levelled up to become a partner of first and fore most choice for the customers in the BSS and OSS space while simultaneously enabling clients to respond to the business needs.