Contaque From Avissol: Delivering Omni Channel Contact Center Solution For Telecom Industry

CIO Vendor In the business of communications, customer engagement is of prime importance. While handling large volumes of incoming calls, organizations are often unable to answer them efficiently as they struggle with providing accurate information quickly. This is where Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems for call centers come into the picture. These systems have revolutionized customer engagement. Deploying a call center ACD ensures efficient call resolution and huge savings at the same time.

AVISSOL, a leading Telecom products and software solutions company offers CONTAQUE - an Omni Channel Contact Center Solution for Telecom industry. This Automatic Dialer Software comprises key capabilities such as consistent Omni-Channel experience, proactive customer care, intelligent routing, seamless data access, and workforce management etc.

CONTAQUE presents a revolutionary platform– NGUCC, with blended contact center solutions that help in upgrading the business. This modular and flexible world class contact center solutions seamlessly integrates with the existing voice and data systems such as TDM/PRI/ GSM/PSTN/VOIP. CONTAQUE accompanies a powerful, accurate and flexible answering machine detection tool that helps in gaining competitive advantage in today’s market.

Well-equipped and advanced Automated Call Distribution system
The well-equipped and advanced Automated Call Distribution system, CONTAQUE facilitates in maximizing agent productivity and enhances the overall efficiency of contact centers. This platform delivers a world-class application that not only automates the handling of failed calls but also offers Campaign development tools, web scripting, call pop up, manual, progressive and predictive dialing, screen recording, chat, call processing facilities, real-time statistics & reporting, remote monitoring etc.

The CONTAQUE contact center ACD, streamlines the communications process between the customer and the agents. It works as one of the most
efficient tools in minimizing time wastage and further helps in improving customer relationships. The features include normal and skill based routing for both inbound and outbound calls, live call barge-in, web-based campaign manager for agent monitoring, call conferencing, customized Music (COM) on Hold for each campaign, and agent to agent call transfer.

NGUCC is multi-lingual, multi-tenant and comes with built-in softphone functionality, which can also be integrated with e-mail, SMS and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber etc

Social Networking Sites and Third Party CRM Integrations
CONTAQUE’s NGUCC can be integrated with any PBX on PRI/VOIP, VOIP Gateways, GSM gateways and REST API to enable integration with any third party web CRM such as Salesforce, Zoho, Freshdesk, SAP C4C etc. “NGUCC is multi-lingual, multi-tenant and comes with built-in softphone functionality, which can also be integrated with e-mail, SMS and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber etc.,” says Avneesh Mathur, Co-Founder, AVISSOL.

AI Powered Interactive Voice Response Bot
Bots today leverage AI for natural language understanding to recognize the caller’s intents and subjects. CONTAQUE’s voice bots help in reducing the call center’s cost of operations. This unique AI powered voice bot helps customers reach the right department as well as makes the agents more productive by providing important and timely customer information. CONTAQUE’s Interactive Voice Response bots can be integrated with third party TTS and speech recognition application. Also, the Drag and Drop GUI based IVR designer allows playing of prompts, capture digits, enable decision making loops knowing if agents are logged in, time of day routing and call transfers to agents or external parties.

With an aim of becoming a multi-product company, AVISSOL is in the process of developing multiple solutions and services that will be used worldwide by its customers.